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Thrash Death Speed Metal


Formed in Dec. 1986, WITCHES is the first band in France with female guttural voice!

In the crazy era of handwritten letters sent across the world, tape trading, chronicles on photocopied fanzines from all over the world, collective hysteria concerts, WITCHES recorded its first two demos ("Silly Symphony" - 1988, "Agressive Soap" - 1989) on four tracks tape recorder in their rehearsal room in Antibes. They were duplicated to several hundred copies on speed tape recorder. and distributed all over the world !

Two other demos were recorded "Loss of the Precious" - 1991 - Foundation 2000-Holland, "Wind of time" - 1993. These tapes this time recorded in 16 tracks studio. and were alse distributed worldwide and were quickly sold out !

First album "3.4.1" was recorded in may 1994 in Germany. Self-produced, first edition came out in 1994 and was distributed by such label as Relapse Records and Wild Rags in the USA. Second edition came out in February 1995 under label Abathrash, division of Boucherie Productions, and was distributed in France and Belgium. This Ablum is sold out (2000 ex. sold only in France).

MCD "Mort Né" out in 1997, contained 5 songs, recorded later for the 2nd album.

Next full album "7" (pronounced in French "sept" / "cet"), was out in 2007 on label Multicom City Distribution.

For WITCHES First demos 25th anniversary, in sept 2014, Emanes Metal Records produced, a limited edition vinyl "Agressive Symphony" containing demos from 1988 & 1989.

September 2015 was the official release of "The Hunt" containing 6 tracks of pure speed thrash metal. it came out just before touring with Venom inc and Vader.

To celebrate 30th anniversary, WITCHES released "30 Years Thrashing" containing 4 songs composed between 1986 et 1989 revisited, rearranged, re recorded in 2016 : more speed, more dynamic, more incisive, more violent!
Guest for leads : Alex Colin-Tocquaine, guitar/singer of famous French Agressor, Sibylle’s brother & Witches drummer of the old days (1986 -1989)

And then, the same year, came out Limited edition Engraved Boxes in Wood and Metal - numbered- containing all their demos (remastered) and albums. they were sold out in 2 days!

JackHammer (Japan) organise the Witches Japan Tour « French Carnage vol 1 » with Hate Beyond in June 2017 (Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Nagano, Aichi, Shizuoka) and released Thrashing The Hunt containing The Hunt et 30 Years Thrashing + an extra song Rising Witches, composed for this edition, with vocals in French, English and Japanses! feat. Warzy (Hate Beyond - Japan) at lead guitar

2018 was the year of tour with Suffocation (US) in France, Spain and Swizerland

2019 French and Belgium shows with Hate Beyond (Japan)

WITCHES plays at famous HELLFEST (Altar stage), in famous french place such as Elysée Montmartre in Paris, Metronum in Toulouse but also Garage in Saarbrucken and Underworld in Londres WITCHES share stage with : Venom inc (UK), Vader (PL), Death Angel (US), Six Feet Under (US), Agressor (Fr), Loudblast (Fr), M:Pire of Evil (ex-Venom) (UK), Dagoba (Fr), Zuul FX (Fr), Eths (Fr), Entombed (Swe), Divine Chaos (UK), Rain Shatter (Mex), Vredehammer (Nor), Sic Zone (Ger), No Return (Fr), Execution (Fr), Hemoragy (Fr), etc…

News 2020

  • 7th March 2020 : Kathmandu, Nepal DeathFest
  • Release of new nouvel album The Fates 08th May 2020
    Pre orders begin April ici !
  • Clip video INSIDE
    Soon available. prohibited children under 18.
    Short film directed by Cédric Dupuis, director of gore films, several times awarded
  • Concerts & festivals here
  • Japan Tour 17 to 31 May 2020 : Japan Tour French Carnage Vol 2

Line-up live :

  • Sibylle Colin-Tocquaine, Guitar/Vocals
  • Lienj, Guitars
  • Fabien, Bass
  • Jonathan "Sangli" Juré, Drums



Witches : New Line up


Witches, Death-Thrash Metal band from Paris, France. Witches, groupe Death Thrash Metal de Paris, France.